Kath trained at Oxford University in Fine Art and 
after wandering briefly into graphic design 
decided to dive into the scary waters of 
freelancing. Over the years she has worked for 
many prestigious clients, including: Asda-Walmart, 
Bayer HealthCare, Google, Nivea, Pfizer, 
Sainsbury's, The Scottish Government, 
the Sunday Express, Tesco, The Sunday Times, 
Shire Pharmaceuticals, and Warburtons.

Kath lives in the North West of England and is 
a proud Northerner. She lives with her 
golf-obsessed husband and various four-legged
friends. She likes keeping fit, eating healthily,
and generally trying to hold off the ageing process
for as long as possible. She is also on a mission
to find the scariest horror film ever made. That
mission continues.

Have a look at Kath's lovely folio and if you like 
what you see please contact her 
for more information.

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